Muscle cars hold a magical appeal, turning even the most mature of men into drooling little boys. While everyone expects a vehicle that looks like a Viper or Corvette to be fast, muscle cars can sometimes be sleepers, taking other drivers by surprise. Certain muscle cars have quite a bit of bravado about their looks, with wild paint colors, loud striping and flashy wheels. Essentially, muscle cars can be a lot of things to a lot of people.


Buick Gran Sport Stage 1

The GM brand is only beginning to show a glimmer of its former glory today, and this car was the pinnacle of achievement. While so many people would focus on the 455 cid V-8’s fairly respectable peak 360 horsepower, that number simply didn’t tell the whole story. The car would also churn out up to 510 lb.-ft. of torque, leaving competitors in the dust. That’s an impressive figure from a factory car from 1970, making this a truly beastly muscle car.


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