Purchasing an affordable exotic car may seem like a distant dream – but it doesn’t have to be. You could own an incredible exotic car without breaking the bank. But in order to do so, you’ll need to know which vehicles to consider.

There are plenty of reasonably-priced choices in the exotic car market today. Check out these highly recommended luxurious, exotic, and surprisingly affordable 2019 cars for yourself.

1. Ford Mustang

Starting Price: $27,490

Exotic Details:

  • High performance add-ons, including an active exhaust system and adaptive suspension
  • Brembo brakes
  • Modern-retro styling
  • Recaro seats

The Ford Mustang is a staple on roads worldwide. Since the 1960s, the Mustang has been the symbol of American muscle – and today, the 2019 model combines this sports car’s history with modern flair. The newest Mustang features attractive styling, exquisite performance, and an affordable price tag.

And although it’s a dream muscle car for many, it really won’t break the bank. The 2019 Mustang is sophisticated and powerful. Riding on a slick chassis and powered by either a turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a roaring and ready V-8, today’s Mustang is a souped-up sports car that turns heads.

2. Chevrolet Camaro

Starting Price: $25,995

Exotic Details:

  • Replicates an expensive sports car experience
  • Exceptional chassis
  • High-performance 1LE package (optional)
  • Race car-like capability

If you’re looking for a car with an exotic look, stunning performance, and the illusion of luxury without the high price, you need to get behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Camaro. The newest 2019 Camaro is a serious beast on the road, and it’s one that packs performance that’s almost unbelievable. Priced under $30,000, the Camaro can match the driving experience of the most expensive sports cars.

Exotic fans will love the Chevy Camaro’s 335-hp V6 or 455-hp V-8 engine choices. This car delivers on roads of all kinds, and it’s loaded with equipment that you’d find on track contenders.  With a distinctive appearance and strong styling, the 2019 Camaro drives like a race car and surrounds you in the comfort of a luxury vehicle.

3. Genesis G80

Starting Price: $43,045

Exotic Details:

  • Relaxed, luxury-like on-road performance
  • Adaptive suspension (optional)
  • High-tech features come standard
  • Incredible ride filled with indulgences

While many of the most exotic cars available today are luxury models with sky-high prices, there’s a newcomer that’s changing the game. The 2019 Genesis G80 may be one of the newest vehicles in the luxury market, but this sedan is already making waves with a stunningly low price tag and an incredible ride for drivers and passengers.

With modern styling for the current model year that features chrome and unique bumpers, the G80 is certainly a sight to behold. Exotic fans will also love the exquisite ride, which competes against its luxury rivals perfectly. And the Genesis G80 is filled with luxury, from touchscreen infotainment to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to one of the highest safety ratings in its class. For its price, this is a car that’s exotic and an incredible value.

4. BMW i3

Starting Price: $45,445

Exotic Details:

  • Neat, uniquely futuristic styling
  • High-tech driving platform with carbon fiber and battery-fed electric propulsion
  • Nimble handling perfect for traffic
  • Fancy and luxurious interior

If it’s an exotic car that captures attention on the road that you’re after, check out the BMW i3. This futuristic car is truly one-of-a-kind thanks to its highly futuristic styling, its unique shape and size, and its zippy nature. While it may not look like a traditional exotic, it’s certainly something special at an affordable price.

The 2019 BMW i3 features a luxurious and truly gorgeous interior. Exotic fans will love details like slick styling, an upgraded navigation system, a WiFi hotspot, and a wireless charging tray. And from behind the wheel, the BMW i3 offers peppy handling, a range of up to 153 miles on a single charge, and a range-extending gas engine to make driving both fun and effortless.

5. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Starting Price: $26,650

Exotic Details:

  • Available as a classic soft-top convertible or retractable-targa-top RF
  • Extraordinary handling
  • New high-tech standard features, including tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and improved six-speed manual transmission
  • Back-to-basics driving focus

What makes an exotic car so thrilling is its performance on the road – and if that’s what you’re after, there’s no better choice than the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Priced at nearly a steal, the 2019 Miata is a sports car that brings you back to driving basics in an incredible way. This sports car is refreshingly pure, with an engine ready to rev.

The 2019 Miata is precise and powerful. Its exotic styling and up-to-date features make it modern, but its satisfying driving capabilities will bring you back in time. Its crisp manual transmission is enjoyable, and the playful design will hold a special place in your heart. This is a Mazda that’s meant to hit the road, whether or not you want to carry any other passengers with you.

6. Audi A3

Starting Price: $33,495

Exotic Details:

  • Precise steering and composed ride
  • Sleek, sophisticated styling inside and out
  • Innovative technology suite includes 4G LTE and WiFi hotspot
  • A suite of driver assistance features

Sometimes, the most exotic features a car can display are found behind the wheel. While the Audi A3 is a gorgeously sleek model at its exterior level, stepping inside shows you a whole new kind of exotic. From luxury styling details to impressive technology, the 2019 A3 is exotic without breaking any budgets.

The latest Audi A3 is available as both a sedan and a convertible. No matter which you choose, you’ll love the performance and refinement. Inside this car, you’ll find high-tech additions like a trick digital gauge cluster, motorized pop-up infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and snug seating. And if you want to put this car to the test, you can opt for an entire suite of driver assistance features that can make every drive effortless, from self parking to adaptive cruise control.

Get the Exotic Car of Your Dreams for Less Today

Take a closer look at the cars mentioned here, and you’ll discover that the exotic vehicle of your dreams isn’t as far away as it might seem. With more options than ever before, today’s exotic car market can meet every one of your needs.

If you’ve always dreamed of hitting the road in a car that’s loaded with luxury and a thrill to drive, you need to visit your local dealership. With a little research and some knowledge of what’s available, you can find an exotic model like those mentioned here that fits within your budget. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled – with new arrivals happening every year, the next incredible exotic car at an affordable price could be the right model for you.

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