A lot has changed in the world since the Soul’s toe-tapping launch, but seven years later, the 2017 Kia Soul has stood the test of time, still whimsically reminding us that too much serious stuff is a drag, and that a good party can last for years.

To understand the soul of this free-spirited Kia, you have to loosen your necktie a bit, and maybe don a pair of those big, white-framed glasses that were all the rage in 2010. The Soul is a fun car, labeled as a crossover by Kia’s marketing guys. Some might call it a tall glass of wagon, or maybe an SUV – but for the cool kids. Whatever it is, this compact SUV-ish hipster-mobile rolls to its own rhythm and it’s too busy bopping to the groove to care what anyone thinks about it.

The 2017 Kia Soul comes in three trims: base, + (Plus), and ! (Exclaim). None of which offer all-wheel drive as an option – but as long as this crossover doesn’t need to cross over any extended unpaved terrain, it’s all good. Three 109 horsepower electric-powered variants (EV) are also available for urban commuters with a bigger budget and access to easy charging. The Soul is strictly front-wheel drive, because oversteer is uncool when you’re cruising with your tunes.

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